The Executive

What are your thoughts on this throw?
Side question, anyone know how much it will retail for?

It is awesome! I’ve had mine on me now everyday since I got it.

They’re $80, available right here:

If you haven’t already get one! If they’re available still in a couple weeks (I doubt it) I’m going to get a second.

Are you still playing it with the flat bearing or have you put a centering bearing in it?

How’s the stability?

I used the flat for about a week, and then put a CT in it last week. Not sure which I like more yet.

How good is your throw? ;D This isn’t a competition type heavy rim, bi-metal type throw. It’ll make you work a bit, which will make you a better player. It’s only 44mm x 30mm. It’s a great yoyo that’ll fit in your pocket and be ready to go whenever you want to throw. It’s narrow, it’s light(ish). You’ll be throwing much straighter after a week with this, it’ll help you fine tune many aspects of your own style and abilities.

It really is a great yoyo, IMO it’ll go down as one of the great yoyos, maybe even become a unicorn eventually. The one everyone wants but one that doesn’t come up for sale too often or is expensive when it does.

Thanks buddy, would you say it’s a really good training throw as well?


So worth the money then? Is it one of those investment throws do you reckon?

Are they a limited run or a regular release?

I think it’s 100% worth the money, actually thought it was going to be more before the Kickstarter got going. Investment throw? I don’t know, I don’t buy yoyo’s as an investment. I got a second Walter and walked the dog with it ;D

As far as I’ve heard it is a limited release, the Kickstarter then this YYE release. But you’d have to contact Ernest or DocPop to see if there are any more releases planned.

one of my golden rules is to not consider yoyo with width below 39mm.
It can play, but it does not make sense to me. the inner cup has a shape that resembles that of the first Oxygene Ti… another bad yoyo (in terms of weight distribution).

You will have some success? perhaps, but only because it was made from DocPop and Ernest Kahn … if he had produced an unknown person, it would not sell one.

If you want an unresponsive pocket yo-yo, this is a good one. It is bigger than the Little Evil and wider than a Reactor and Ace. For responsive play the Reactor is really nice, and for a super small throw the Little Evil is pretty amazing. If you want an unresponsive undersized throw, the Executive is a great yo-yo and competitively priced, I don’t know about your investment question, that’s always a big gamble.
This shows the Executive, a couple Reactors, a Little Evil and an old ProYo Ace. The Superstar gives you a little size perspective .


The Executive is an incredible throw. It’s super stable, produces good spin times, and is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I’ll second that it will help you improve your skills. I think everyone should own one of these. It’s not just a novelty Yoyo or training tool. It’s a legit throw that’s hugely practical and plays great.

I only have the Blog to form an opinion, but, although it’s shape really intrigue’s me it appears to be too undersized for my liking.

ahhh maaan i want one so bad! i’m broke and gotta save to move :frowning: These look like they are incredibly fun to play with!

After playing it for a bit, it doesn’t play as small, or even feel as small as it is. Hard to describe. I’ve got an AceII and that does feel small, no matter how often I play it.

It’s tiny, for sure. I’m always surprised by the tricks I can land with it, though.

Gonna also chime in on that Executive - for how small it is, it’s actually pretty forgiving when it comes to stability. It will still make you work at your technique however. The narrower profile does technically make it harder to land tricks but in the end it feels pretty rewarding when you hit a combo on it!

It’s pretty zippy too, doesn’t feel like a rock on the end of the string. I would have to say the Executive and Masamini are my 2 favorite pocket throws.

Wow. The reds sold out pretty fast.

That sold out pretty fast, but I would have liked to have seen it sell out even faster lol.
I got in on the kickstater and picked the whirl colorway. I love it, its my take with me everything throw. So much fun! :smiley:

I could never follow a rule like that. ::slight_smile: My Golden rule is to try every yoyo I can get my hands on. :wink:

I’m enjoying this yoyo and really enjoy how it plays as well as the solid color.