Is it the right ONE?

OK I want a new fun throw and I am thinking of getting a one with extra spec bearing but I’m just gonna use it for fun so is it good or not?

its good for the price. if you compare it to a 100 dollar throw it isnt tho.

like carl said, it’s good for the price. I wasn’t a big fan on my first throw though. I didn’t really like how the plastic felt. lol
but after a couple more throws I started to like it more.
I don’t actually have one, I just threw my friend’s a few times.

My brother has one and compared to my raptor its weak i cant stand to use it.

it plays good but i cant stand the heavy vibe mine has

Get it. Its a cheap fun throw at a great price, and its by a great brand. It doesnt play as well as other yoyo’s but its definetely a fun throw you can take outside and use wherever you are.

one of my daily throw amongst the code 1 and Xcube stampede
brilliant throw

Yea, the throw doesn’t even compare to that of a KickSide.

However, it’s 10$, it’s light, fun, and comes with a 10$ bearing.

The yoyo and the responsive bearing are basically free.

I had to grab more string, I can’t stand 100% cotton.

And I took the caps out and put them back in after five minutes, it needs all the weight it can get.

It has around a 20 second sleep time out of the box, not bad. It trumps every 10$ yoyo on the market from any other brand, in my opinion.

i dont have a One but if you want a really fun yoyo get a popstar. it is the funnest yoyo ive used

dude for 10$ you cant go wrong. my One is a really fun throw. its not the best of yoyos out there but it spins for a long enoug time to do combos (it can easily handle ladder escape and stuff). Its also smaller than most plastics which makes it a little different. definatly fun. worth 10$

I really like the size yes, I think it’s 52 or 53mm, maybe that’s why I like it that much, slightly “undersize-ish”