The best thing happened to me today!

At my local yoyo club today, this guy traded me his “Alchemy cuLater” for my “YoYoJam Lyn Fury”!! The cuLater is in mint condition too. Im still in shock :o

I like the Lyn more…

Although that is a pretty good deal.

looks like an awesome yoyo but i dont like the design on the side i would paint it if i where you

Yea the Lyn was satined(To flat rims), siliconed, and had a cleaned 10 ball bearing in it.
It was pretty smooth, but I just did not want it any more.
Im extremly happy with the cuLater though.
Its my first metal.

I’m happy for you, but at the same time that’s kind of…unintegrous(?). I mean obviously he was ok with it, but that’s a pretty unfair trade. I wouldn’t have let him go through with it most likely.

First of all… I just got the name ;D

and second of all.

to Apetrunk… I see what you are saying, But in my opinion I;m sure the guy must have known what he was doing and that he would come out behind on the deal. So I think that Techy was in the right agreeing to it (Just my opinion)… I would have taken that trade in a second!

Yea, but the guy’s collection was ridiculous.
He has like 3 cases(About 50 yoyos per case).
And he had 5 cuLaters.
So he said giving one up for a great Lyn wouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah, I think it’s okay too. If he had that many yoyos, he was probably trying to be nice and help TechyThrower92 for his future of yoyoing. Ernie has done something like this by giving me a 5Star. But I hope to return the favor the next time I see him, by giving him a… well, I can’t say in case he reads this post. Actually, if he does.

…I’m not gonna do anything Ernie…

Yea he was.
I’ve been doing crazy tricks like “Soiled Panties” and “Organized” on my Kickside for a while now.
And he just felt that I deserved a metal yoyo.
I know (and learned) that the yoyo doesn’t determine how skilled you are.
But we both felt it was time for me to move up to a higher end yoyo.

Congrats dude! The cuLater has always looked really appealing to me. Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m just wondering. Where is the club you go to, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m always looking for clubs that I might be able to go to sometime.

I go to Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee, FL.
Their website is

I don’t understand your logic.

Why wouldn’t you. Remember the trade we had?

I gave you a gold wedgie and in return you gave your dark magic to your friend. I got nothing and planned it that way. Was it unfair to me? Nope. This guy knew what he wanted. Maybe he just wanted this kid to have the culater? Kind of like I just wanted you to have the wedgie.

This is true.

For some reason I imagined the guy as some little kid that was “new to the world” but now that I see some of these posts I realize this isn’t the case, so I have now been owned. :stuck_out_tongue:

If he was trying to be nice, why not just give it? Make it less awkward? If I was giving away something, I would just do it.

Or maybe he needed a Lyn Fury. I don’t know.

He had like 8 Lyns :smiley:
He just said that He liked my Lyn because it didnt play like it was a $15 yoyo.
Because it was heavily modded(Like I said above).

the dingo is definitely a very smooth yoyo with the 10 ball bearing. it is also light, sometimes undersized yoyo concern me a little bit but the dingo does not concern me at all in size

I don’t use either of those yo-yos so i can’t say anything else.




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