I <3 Trading


This is fairly random I just dont know how to say it so I made a topic! I was thinking a week or so back when I started selling my G5 about NYYR iteams and relized “Now that I yoyo, I dont need my DS!” So off I went to the Big BST and posted about trading my DS and all the games (Like 2 ;)) and I got an offer. White PGM unstacked, Blue X-convict, and 50$. I immediately ran to the bathroom, the only hard part was getting this guy to PM me his address. He wouldnt tell me it for a while then he did, so yesterday in the mail I got them along with my M1 (I first threw them today because of the love of my M1) and played with them today and I love them. So, the lesson in this is:

  1. YoYoing can make you lots of fun stuff.

  2. Old habits are helpful with new ones.

  3. ALWAYS wear Pampers on the BST.

(yoyo kid eastown GR) #2

would you suggest other people sell their DS’ to get yoyos?


I would suggest thinking. Think about things you never use, think if a yoyoer would want it. :wink: