good news and bad news

hey guys. i have some good news and some bad news. the good news is that i sold my ds lite and the games and case on ebay and got 100 bucks. yeah! the bad news is i cant get an 888x until the guy gets the package and says he likes it and wont return it. waah yup thats all

Is there a possibility of a scam?

no i dont think so
he already paid it thru paypal so i have the money. but my parents wont let me get the 888x until it gets to him, he likes it and wont return it.

Why didn’t you buy it from Yoyoexpert then?

He can’t buy his yoyo yet until his parents are sure that the person he sent the goods to is satisfied.

Oh yeah, now I get it.

It’s like, we’re the only posters today. Haha.

why is there noone in chat i am really bored. lalalalala

Are you aware that there’s an option when you’re inserting your eBay listing that will allow you to state in your auction page that returns are not accepted?

You don’t have to wait. If your parents are the ones making you do that, tell them it’s a trade and if he doesn’t like it, he can trade/sell it to someone else. A deal is a deal.

well i still need to ship it to him first
im gonna today but i need conformation that it gets to him and if he doesnt like it he can trade it or sell it.