About the no trading thing... partial solution, and value questions

So, I’m not allowed to trade, but I am allowed to use ebay, because ebay is more secure than YYE :’(

While it isn’t the best, it’s all my parents are allowing me to do, so now, I can only buy, and sell on ebay… or once I get my paypal and ebay account this weekend.

So… any ideas how to trade with people from this site by using ebay???

And also, how much are the following yoyos worth??? (You can list a price range)

Genesis: Mint, it’s the Blue acid wash edition, one ballpoint sized ding, only removed ano, and one clear smudge, around 2 ballpoints.

M1: Gold/Green, 100% Mint, only thrown 10 times or so. (Because I have 2 of em.)

2 Sunsets: A neon, all mint, and a red one with 3 very small white marks (hit a wall)

I would put the sunsets as $20 for the pair or $12 for the mint and $10 for the marked, im not sure about the M1 and mabey $75 for the genesis, the add whatever the postage will cost.

It’s kinda up to you to decied what their worth. If people think they’re worth more they’ll bid upwards. One more thing, never by an ipod for china off ebay, it will inevitabley be a scam

Erm… if I sell on ebay, how much will they deduct for the ebay’s selling fee thing? Supposing I’m selling a $100 yoyo.

usually i try and only use ebay to find a buyer then use other means to exchange money and goods that way you dont have to worry about ebay taking their cut.

The value is how much somebody will pay. K-os’s ear often sold for $20 or less, but I’ve been looking for one, so I might buy one for $30.

The selling fee is based on how much you list it for. If you listed it for $0.99, and sold it for any amount of money like $100 their fee would still only pee like $0.30. General you’ll get a good price for it when people bid it up though.

Hey, sorry I’m not answering so fast, I have band camp from 9 am to 9 pm :stuck_out_tongue: every day.

Anyone tried it on amazon? I’m thinking about switching over to Amazon, because it only charges 99 cents each sold item…

Or… is there another SECURE way to sell? That’s what my dad wants, a SECURE way…


BTW, if they send me the paypal money first, and then I shipped, that’s secure right???

Definatly secure. Thats the only way I do all my yoyo selling.

That’s definitely secure on your part. It’s also secure on the other person’s part because if you happened to be a scammer (not saying you are, just hypothetically) and didn’t send his yoyos, he can report it to paypal and then he gets his money back after a little while.

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WAIT… YOU CAN DO THAT??? Than that means I can pay people first, and it’ll still be secure??? YOU JUST SOLVED ALL MY PROBLEMS!!! ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And also… just supposing it happens, how’ll you do it, and also, what’s the difference between a teen paypal and a legit one?

lower spending/withdrawal limits


how is yye not secure? anyway, if your buying yoyos ask for a tracking number. if your selling them, give a tracking number and get your money first.

Cuz… if I’m trading you (just supposing, not that I have any intention of) then I can tell you to send first, and not send mine at all and then I’ll have your yoyo but you wouldn’t have mine…

And how does paypal fix the trades?

Yeah, but if someone asks to send first, you can use common sense and only send first if they have several positive feedback.