how to buy trade sell yoyos

hi guys
just wondering if you want to buy sell or trade yoyos how do you pay when selling or buying and knowing its legit when trading what i’m pretty much saying whats the whole procedure . sorry i’m new to this sort of thing

only form of payment i use is paypal. It’s the safest way to buy ANYTHING online. And as far as deals being legit…talk to the seller or buyer before committing. check posts, feedback and other activity to make sure the person checks out. And as a seller never ever ship without receiving confirmed payment. You can get some great deals on the b/s/t…it’s mostly common sense though… hope that helps!

thanks helps me out heaps

Well, if you’re starting out, you have no reputation, so you have to work on the premise that someone is going to take a risk on you. The Buy/Sell/Trade is full of honest people who are buying, selling and trading and your chances of someone taking a calculated risk is fairly good IF you conduct yourself in a proper manner(be polite, be smart, you’ll be fine).

As far as payment, I’ve sent cash, but I’ve mostly used Paypal. Never once have I been screwed. I prefer Paypal. You have to start somewhere, so it’s up to you to figure out if you start with a trade, to buy or to sell. Regardless, you should have a Paypal account regardless of what you’re doing.

If you’re trading, you’ll be asked to send first if you’re new. If you’re selling, well, you should get payment first regardless, but you better send via Priority Mail with some sort of tracking and send them the tracking. If you’re buying, then you better send payment first/in advance of the item being send. In my opinion, if it’s a buy/sell situation, funds need t exchange prior to the item(s) being shipped, but that’s just my thought.

As far as being trustworthy, again, the people on BST for the most part are honest. Higher numbers equal more reliability. I’m having a small issue with one BST deal right now, but the guy has a high trade number and has maintained good communication with me, so despite the fact it’s taking a while to get shipped back to me, I’m not worried. Plus, the guy is well known on here and other yoyo forums and is well respected and well liked, so I know he’s not going to do anything bad.

Have fun!