How are Yoyo's paid for on this site, *and another question


Another question is how do people trade/purchase yoyo’s from each other without ripping off the other person?


i’ve never traded/purchased from anyone yet, so im wondering about that also ???


I’ve gotten ripped off once (not on these boards, it was another site). Almost had to get the police involved, but ended up getting my money back.

Now, I only pay with paypal (and don’t send as gift) so that I have some sort of buyer protection.


There’s a lot of trust involved and the honor system is in full effect.

New people need to make extra concessions to prove they are being legit. For me, I’m buying, so I can send my money FIRST. The seller has my funds and they can send the items in question.

Payment: Paypal is the way to go. Cash is generally not safe for mail. Checks are questionable but that’s due to the trend these days. Money orders and other guaranteed payment methods are ideal.

There’s no single right way.

I have a decent trade rating. I’ve earned it. So have many others. READ the ratings, ensure there are no negatives.


What are the payment methods when buying off the site?


Credit card or PayPal.


this is the yoyo community my friend, scammers don’t usually play yoyos, there are a few, but they’re well known and get “tagged” after one bad trade

the worst thing that I’ve heard of was a couple of teens stealing from a physical shop then selling the throws on that shop’s very forum. and I think they’re in a world of trouble now.


Heard about that. Those kids were idiots. I mean, selling yoyos on the forums of the store you stole from…really?? That’s just messed up.

Trading online has a lot to do with trust, and If you aren’t willing to trust everyone you meet(like me, although that’s not why I have never traded) I would just trade with people with not only perfect trade feedback, but a good number of it. Then you can ship first with confidence.