How safe is trading yo-yos?

I have a few yo-yos that I’d like to exchange to try some different throws but I’m a little worried about online trading. With buying/selling there is always PayPal’s goods and services, and even then there are occasional scammers. Is there any way to insure throws when trading?


I’ve traded and sold on these forums since 2013ish, and I’ve never had any issues. Just make sure you’re trading with people who are reputable (regular posts, existing positive feedback, etc.)

You can insure a package that you ship, but that would really only protect you if the package never arrives at its destination. If the trader gets your package and then refuses to complete their half of the deal, I can’t imagine insurance being much help.

There’s an inherent risk with trading, especially if you’re the newer trader - in which case, you may be expected to ship first - but trading and buying/selling on these forums has allowed me to obtain many of my favorite yoyos that I own today that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. I’ve found that the rewards of the BST, in my experience, have far outweighed the potential risks (obviously, as I haven’t had any deals go wrong). At this point, I could be straight scammed for a yoyo, and I would still have gained much more from these forums than I’ve lost. :ok_hand:t2:

I’d say post what you have, what you’re looking to get, and see what offers come through. If you’re ever unsure of someone you’re trading with - ask the other members of the forum to chime in and confirm if they are legit. We’d be happy to help. :facepunch:t2:


One point I would add is that if the deal seems too good to be true or you are getting bad vibes during negotiations, then go with your gut and walk away.


@WretchedRapture has some really good tips.

If they say “you ship first” and they’re a new trader just… just don’t… Very likely they’ll try their hands at scamming but don’t let them fool you. :v:

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Thank you everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it

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