Help with possible B/S/T issues

If I use the b/s/t forum and I get into a trade and I send my yoyo and they don’t send theirs and they just basically steal my yoyo can I do anything about it other then give him bad feedback on yoyo expert

No. It’s at your own risk. Use good judgment.

I’d sell and/or buy to not only gain good feedback on the forum, but to also to use paypal’s protection plan to cover yourself.

The main thing with dealing in the BST, is to take preventive measures, to the extent that you minimize the “risk” in the first place. It seems you are asking about an even trade of yo-yos, not just buying. Trading yo-yos has the most risk involved, because you cannot use Paypal to protect your investment in the deal. If you are looking to trade a yo-yo for a yo-yo, I have a suggestion.

It appears that you have no feedback, and other members who have feedback may ask you to ship first. In light of this, just make sure that the person on the other end has plenty of positive feedback. If the other person has no feedback either, I suggest you search for another deal elsewhere. Only ship first to someone who seems to be reliable.

I never trade yo-yos. But if I did, it would only be with someone who had a ton of positive feedback. As stated above by irdaprez, you are dealing at your own risk. If you have the means to build up some positive feedback as buyer first, it would help you out, and things could work in your favor more relative to shipping first.