low lifes on Ebay

Just got a Hitman I bought on Ebay. 1st picture is the listing picture. 2nd picture is what I got. Got an email in to him, he offers returns, if I pay the shipping. Is it me or is this a bait and switch?

It’s bait and switch for certain.

File a PayPal claim and ebay complaint.

wow yes definitely file a complaint… how much you spend?

24.00. Filed a complaint, but more then likely have to pay return shipping.

I am pretty sure ebay can do something about this. They have a fairly strict rule so that people will be comfortable using their service.

That’s precisely why we want people to use their own photos on BST!

You did get a Hitman, but you were shown a photo NOT representative of what the actual product was. That’s fraud.

I have a modified Hitman. It’s beat up. It was advertised as such. Since the modders were pretty well known, it’s mostly for collecting, but it still plays decent enough.

Easy enough to fix up!

Yeah, but that isn’t the yoyo he thought he was getting. Ebay complaint is warranted.

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Here’s a pro tip I use.

When something looks too good to be true search the image on Google.

Those are all of the same image you saw on Ebay.

Well I hope that you can get your money back.

Does he sell yoyos regularly? I would be interested in his user name so I can avoid him.

Definitely cut your losses and ship it back, sorry :frowning:

Just a note:

This isn’t bait and switch. It’s just being an “ebay lowlife”.

Bait and Switch is typically luring you in with a product often via an ad, often with low numbers in stock(or maybe never in stock) and then telling you want is “this other product”, which often costs more.

Looks mint to me ::)But all kidding aside, You were scamed Dude. MHO

before purchasing an ebay product, look if there is a product status. usually it will list the item condition: new, used, like new, etc. and only buy products with returns accepted. also look at the sellers profile to see if the person youre buying from is trustworthy.

Well, I don’t think describing an item as “Beat to sh**” is good marketing, even on Ebay…

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Not even sure about this, if the guts are hosed. How does it play? Glad you reported it, this is simple fraud.

Well…I’d have to see the full listing description to totally chime in. It’s not as bad as it could be, cause he’ll take a return. It should only cost $3 with a delivery confirmation to send it back. Also, if he doesn’t refund you, you can destroy his feedback, and if you paid by PayPal, you have remedies there too. Good luck sorting it out. I will say that from the looks of the photo, $24 seems unfair. If you don’t mind…PM me the username.

UPDATE. Low life offered an 8.00 refund. I refused and ask to return it. He would not answer so Ebay gave me a full refund and I got to keep the yoyo. As much as I hate some of Ebays policies, it is nice when they earn thier fees, protecting us againest scumbags. For those who wanted to know the sellers user id. frenchayyyystuff is one to avoid.