Way overpriced yo-yos on eBay?

The only thing to me; that is more amazing than this listing on EBay; is the possibility of some sap buying this yoyo at this price.

I fully understand that some folks will pay ‘more’ to fill holes in their collections.

But some asking prices just dont even sound reasonable, hahahaha.

… I understand its not just yoyos; though. I have seen some seriously mind boggling prices asked for various things… Like $6000 for a used junk condition Louis Vuitton Kendama? Uh; ok; I dont get that at all. But then again; nobody said I need to get it; lol.

Here is the yoyo link and the Kendama link follows>




You gotta be kidding>>



Wow! :o

Hahahaha lol, people can be dumb sometimes

A majority of people listing Cold Fusions or Cold Fusion GTs on eBay price them way too high. Limited editions have sold for those prices ($1514 Crow’d Fusion!) so maybe that gets people excited about theirs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you really need to know the product when you see stuff on ebay. I once saw a BC Classic listed on ebay for $50. Guy claimed it was serial number 001. That’s the model number. Every BC Classic made has it.

I’m guessing that model number is an inside joke for Brad Countryman, since I doubt that was the first model he made under the BC name. Could be wrong though…

Like $6000 for a used junk condition Louis Vuitton Kendama?
but it’s only $279 a month for 24 months. no worries, right?

A very hearty congratulations to the seller on these two auctions!

Are they really worth that much? Would you spend more than $800 for two PLASTIC yo-yos from Yomega? To one person, the buyer (who lives in Japan), they were apparently worth that much.

Looking at the bid history for the red version, it’s interesting to note that whoever the private bidder was, they bid up the price in the last few minutes. Quite funny actually… and very costly.

Found a great price for a Shutter on Ebay too. $398 Aud.

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Yeah, the internet can be a strange and magical, yet also horrible place. AS long as you know what your doing when shopping online your good though.Just be sure to always do your research before buying.

The thing is, that if you leave one string out there, sometimes a whale will bite! That is literally what spam emails are about “if I buy 10 million names for a couple hundred bucks, but only 1 or 2 fall for my scheme - I’m golden! I took each of them for enough to live off for a year”

Additionally, you can use transactions like that to easily launder money - “:hey dude, I just stole this credit card - sell me a dirty sock on ebay for 5 grand before anybody knows I have this card, we’ll split the profit!”

There are a number of Basic ways to commit fraud online. Overblown prices on goods that you don’t intend to deliver, simply to prevent any honest customers from accidentally stumbling into our hand-off, is one of the more obvious ones. Flat-out, I used to do the same thing in World of Warcraft, to give gold to my friends on other servers… I was money laundering though, oops.

Also, anytime a driver or transpo service comes into your transactions - bro you’re being robbed. Seriously, there is no sick father in the hospital paying for a troupe of bridesmaids practising for a wedding flashmob or a bunch of ich-ass kids who need to Hulk Up or learn some intense martial arts… It sounds sexy and like a great opportunity but it’s the new Nigerian Prince scheme.

Some people who sell yoyos regularly will put a really high price when they don’t have any to sell. This is to keep the number sold metric.

It only takes 1 right?


  1. They are trying to find that one, elusive sucker.
  2. They mis-typed the price.