Anyone else amazed with the pipe dream listings on EBay?

This is not an Ebay hater post. I get a lot of good throws from the BAY. Then there are the dreamers, hopers and just plain douche bags. There really is no reason for not knowing what something is worth (98% of the time) on Ebay. Simply do an advanced search, and you will know. I do understand that a newbie, selling on Ebay may not have the experience to use it to find information. Then you have the douche bags (with 100’s of feedbacks) that are plainly looking to rip someone off. One of these DB’s had 6 Fast 201’s new in the boxes. He wanted 54.99 each. I FYIed him and let him know they were 10.00 yo-yos; I even was nice about it. “I know” was his reply. Some of these guys need to realize “Just because it is old, don’t me it is valuable”.  And the others need to understand most Ebay shoppers are smart enough to research prices. tim

Here are a few examples.

The Apollo is worth that much but the rest? I don’t think so.

Not really, at least in this economy. Here is one of my recent buys. Granted I did get one heck of a deal, it reflects what today’s dollar is really worth.  Also this is not a deal you find everyday, I have to spend hours and hours each week looking for such deals. tim

I would pay $18 for an apollo so that means it’s worth it. Some people just sell their crap for cheap just to get rid of it. If they separated them they would have gotten a lot more. Even in this day and age where Obama owns all the money.

I did separate some of them after I got them. I keep a few for my collection and sold a few. FYI, I was shocked but the Black Jeweled Duncan bought 33.00 for me. tim

Yeah, there’s a lot of clueless Ebay sellers.

First thing to do is check comparables. That should give you a point of reference. Unless that guy was selling 6 Fast 201’s for the $55, it’s insane to spend that when ANY reputable yoyo storefront is gonna sell them for around $10 or so.

Another case and point are many of the sellers for Aoda throws. Unless it’s an out of stock item on a certain Hong Kong website, it’s often twice the price when it hits Ebay and it’s just gonna ship from the same part of the world anyways.

One thing I’ve noticed is that via the various online stores within the United States that I’ve checked out, prices are pretty consistent across the board. Either everyone is competing on prices, or everyone is agreeing to not price cut into oblivion in a downward spiral of mutually assured destruction.

Example: In Vietnam, if someone starts selling something, 20 other people will. Then they’ll just under-price each other, which in turn leads to more under-pricing, until nobody makes any money and they all go under.

So at least the yoyo stores are at least smart enough to stick with what appears to be standardized prices for their items. As a result, I find it pointless to shop by price. I shop instead by “what place has what I want” instead. Fortunately there’s a good many stores that have great selection. Not to promote YYE, but they’ve got among the best selection I’ve seen.

Then again, we have to look at the Ebay mentality. It is a marketplace, where the sellers are trying to get the most from their wares. Using “Buy It Now”, if they price too high, it wont’ sell. Plain and simple. Or at least it shouldn’t sell. In auctions, it’s a crapshoot. Then there’s also the buyer’s side of things, and many buyers are simply not informed as to what stuff should cost. Many people just jump right to Ebay instead of doing a tiny bit of research. Sometimes there are specialized shops for certain things.

The way I see it, the market is self-healing and takes care of itself. The “DB’s” will be forced to change or go under. That’s how it always has been and that’s how it’s always going to be.

That was a good score, especially the wood BC’s and the Smother’s Brothers.

I totally agree with that jhb. I’d love to have scored those.

I have that exact red Smothers throw. Tom Smothers is my hero!!! ;D

Why does it really matter?
If people want to pay 54.00 dollars for a fast 201, what difference does it make to any one of us ?
People THROW money away every day, lots and lots o money, our governments waste millions daily, and your worried that someone might pay too much for a yoyo ?

Because it could potentially reflect badly on the yoyo community and other legitimate ebay’ers. Once someone realizes they’ve been ripped off, they might develop negative feelings and stop pursuing yoyos or stop buying from honest ebay’ers. Sure, make a profit, but don’t screw people.

Plus, I just hate to see people get taken advantage of. It’s a crappy thing to do, and people that do it should be kicked in the taint.

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