Funny eBay auctions

You ever see something yoyo related on eBay for sale that just makes you laugh?

A Duncan cold fusion for $1000. Maybe I’m strange but I find stuff like this pretty funny.

And $13.45 for shipping…I mean why lol

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

“I’ve purchased it been at international toy fair”
My favorite part :slight_smile:
How much would you guys say it should go for? Just curious…

$100. ProYos have gone for insane prices lately, but that’s standard.

Maybe 100? If you look at what cold fusions have sold for on eBay you’ll get a good feel for what it’s worth.

My guess is the recent sale of some of those rare proyo’s crowd fusions inspired this guy to ask for that much.
I can’t find it but I saw another listing of a bunch of business logo plastics and the guy wanted $650 hahaha

Edit- beat me to it mrciurleo

The original proyo cf’s are worth more than the Duncan and you’d do well to get 100 for a mint one. - and check out that guys feedback…awesome huh? ;D

I sold my last 2 original Proyo Cold Fusions for $165 each. They were NOS.

I wasn’t even aware they released Duncan branded Cold Fusions. Still have my original Proyo Cold Fusion I bought in the 90s, I paid around $35 for it lol. ;D

$35 for a Cold Fusion? If I remember right they were $89 brand new at the time. or maybe our local cart was really raising the prices ;D

Yeah, the guy’s dreaming considering that it’s 3-4 times more than any other cold fusion l;isted, and the fact that it’s a Duncan instead of a Proyo.

I still want a cold fusion, but that price is astonishing

This one isn’t funny but I didn’t want to start another thread.
Off string in the 80’s? So cool

I contacted an eBay vendor about this once to see why the price was so outrageous. I was told that the item was out of stock and instead of removing the listing he just raised the price to something no body would buy until he restocked.

That’s one large Crock the vendor is handing you there…that’s a common excuse used to cover for a common tactic used for fishing on Ebay.

Nope, it’s actually legit.

eBay gives more weighting to vendors with items in-stock, and when you search for something on ebay the default is for live auctions and not to show completed listings. So by keeping an item available and just putting it up at a price that no one would ever buy it at, they keep their search rankings up within eBay, don’t list the search priority of that particular listing, and buy themselves time to restock.

It’s a dumb system, don’t get me wrong, but it’s how eBay does it so the sellers have adapted to use the rules to their advantage.

That isn’t the case with this cold fusion, it was originally this price and he’s rel-listed it for the same price lol

Then that tactic varies by the seller because I’ve caught people selling for ridiculous prices and claiming the “out of stock routine” just to find out they have plenty in stock for sale at their personal web stores! Do you think everyone that does it on Ebay intends on giving the money back to a fool who would pull the trigger on their overpriced offering? I think not :wink: