Beware of eBay scammers (This is especially offensive)


Saw this on eBay and posted it on the High Speed YoYo Facebook, figured I would boost the signal and cross post here. The guy is preying on young kids who don’t know any better. Basically the guy photoshopped the MagicYoYo he wants to sell into some shots of famous players in the community.

Click here to see what I am talking about.


Wow ._.
I always think of yoyoers as honest and nice.
Who would do this O_o


I got a good laugh out of this pic haha.

But yeah, really lame.


Its also funny because its like the worst photoshop ever. I found this guy on ebay, and some of the photoshopped yoyos look like they’re as big as the peoples heads lol. They’re also much lower quality than most of the pics they’re photoshopped onto.


Thanks for the heads up. Have you alerted eBay?


I saw that earlier today. It never even crossed my mind that he was scamming. I actually just said to myself, “wow, that looks really stupid” and kept scrolling. LOL


Speaking of scammers, what ever happened to the missing general yo M-10’s?

(major_seventh) #8

Lol Jensen’s shirt says Yoyofactory. This must be a really clueless scammer.


That’s hilarious. I wonder what his numbers were.


Yes, I did notify eBay.

(major_seventh) #11

I also love how he blurred out the hat logo.

(YoYoStringLab) #12

I love how the highlights, etc. on the yoyo in the action shot are exactly the same as the main product photo. Wow, Jensen must have had to throw it a million times to get that shot. ::slight_smile:


lol I thought it was funny. Don’t see the big deal.


I would just smile and walk away.

need to warn some young kids though.


I mean…its not a bad yoyo actually.


You don’t see a problem with some @$$hat purposely deceiving naive young players who are going to see a picture of Jensen throwing a yoyo and purchasing it based in that picture. Outsiders will not know who is in that picture and experienced players will know the truth… that only leaves one group, and that is the thing that ticks me off because it is preying on those that don’t know any better.


ugh -.-