Jensen Kimmit on MagicYo???

I found it on ebay. It’s gotta be true, right? right?

I can’t believe it… First Hiroyuki being blind and now this.

Man so many things I never knew.

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Yeah that’s not true look at the yoyofactory shirt and that horrible photo shop job on the yoyo totally not true. lol

I agree with the photoshop theory. I mean, if you look to your right, the yoyo is even at the same angle just rotated.

Plus look at the non blured background around the yoyo that doesn’t fit with the rest of area around that.

This was a poor marketing scheme by a seller on eBay to draw in customers. Jensen isn’t on MagicYoYo.

This was found a few weeks ago.
Look at that, the yoyo’s not even spinning! ;D

Yeah, this was posted some time ago.,77378.msg870680.html#msg870680

Leave it to TA to come in a be like 'Yeah you guys are late to the party."

ITT: not getting the joke

magicyoyo>northstar confirmed

What did you expect?

Those poor kids :frowning:

This is new…

R u shure???
It loocs liget

quoted for the lolz

Well if you look at the forum stats TA has been logged in for 180 days so pretty nothing happens in here with out her noticing…

But yhea that was posted awhile ago I saw it as well.

Wait, TA is a girl?

Finally he landed himself on a good team. He deserves it.