Yeah right!!!

Saw this on the Bay and had a good laugh. Don’t think I’ve EVER seen J.K. use one of these!
Not only is the picture Photoshopped…but it was done VERY poorly! (see halo ring around the yoyo!)

There’s been a lot of those going around.

what a name for a yoyo.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That picture has been reused or something for like 5 times now, when are they gonna stop?

Yeah seriously, I’ve seen this same thing happen over and over. Honestly, I think Someone is passing it around to get traffic to their page

Yea there’s been like 3 threads with that pic

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My point exactly

I believe Jensen was using a NorthStar in the real pic.


Then I saw, yet, another fake. :smiley:

The original, for reference. :stuck_out_tongue:

have seen this pic four or five times just in the forums here not counting other moments ive came across it,its always a good laugh XD

Almost as bad as this one:

$105 for what looks like the Dollar Tree yoyo. 109 sold… yeah right.

Price don’t lie they said…

You can see the same yoyo priced at 2.58 on the bottom of that same page! haha ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Are these yoyo’s bad then? I got a T9 Dark angel with hubstacks. Its my first yoyo after years of not playing, I’m an adult now, didn’t know much about them.

It didn’t cost me much, and it seems OK.

The company is not apart of this scam.