yoyos for sale, possibly trade, mostly sale


i have five yoyos, one green/gold VK, one pink freerider 2, one 888, and two noname yoyos made by a guy at yoyo nats (by far the best yoyos i have).

nonames decided to keep them


888 (no longer has zstacks)

and i have no album for the VK, fairly dinged but doesnt affect play

thinkin i might be done with yoyoing, make some offers


just an FYI, it would be bit better if you posted the actual pics, instead of the link to the pics.


well if you look at the links, there is like 3-4 pics per link and i dont feel like posting 16 photos on the thing…


dude your an idiot dont trade the ones that guy made us. ill possibly buy the blue one off you though. but ya. we are like thee only ones that are supposed to have them…THINK ABOUT IT!


no need to be so agressive if he wants to sell them he can sell them their his


dont worry about it, i know what he means i just need money and i dont think im going to be yoyoing anymore…


i understand your reasoning behind selling them but you should keep one or two for memories, or just to throw around if you get bored


yeah probably, and i probably will im just going to sell the ones that are worth money





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