Wow, I never seen that M1, I’m feeling weird. Awesome yoyo!

Happy Throwing! =]

buh but you just got that? why would you trade it?

Because I bought it with the full intention of sending it off to Gruntbull for anodizing which will cost me about $45 to do. I was given the unexpected opportunity to buy a bead blasted Wedgie direct from Prototypeguy and could not pass it up. While I love the Raw M1 and would like to keep it I would rather recoup the money I just spent on another yo-yo. I already have a Red and Pewter M1 and it plays just like the raw M1 so I would like to pass this one on to someone else that will enjoy it and may take the time to have it anodized in one of those funky Gruntbull splashes.

well alrighty then

i have 40 doaalas in pay pal lets make a deal im very interested no bs

i really only have 38.50 does that work still

private message him. It works better

Woah! Sick looking yo-yo! I wanna buy it. I should have enough in about a week and a half.

If I have it then I will gladly sell it to you.;D It plays really smooth, as one would expect an M1 to.

What kind of payment do you prefer? :-\

Sorry I didn’t put it in the original post. I prefer PayPal.

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