a bunch of yoyos for people to make offers to me.

Stuff I’d liek to get rid of:

TFL.                                          -Nice smooth yoyo, some fixable marks  $65obo

Pink/Yellow M1                                      - Also MIB,Looking for $55obo, I’ve never thrown it

Raw barebones              -no konkave,has weight rings          $40obo

Special YYN Secret Released 888              -look at pic, it’s really nice, the coating scratch resistant, thus white marks instead of shiny ones!!          $90 obo


envy64                              -Near Mint, it has two small scratches, I can’t get the scratches on a pic, it plays great!                            $50 obo

Stuff that would take an enthralling offer to interest me:

MIB Fade Grey Matter Project

Half Raw/Half Polished Black 5star            -plays like a dream. near mint, some small problems when I got it from ernie. I’ve done a lot of sticker testing on it to see what response I like better.

Gm2.2            -Smoooothhh, pics available

Add $5.60-6 for shipping

happily accepting money offers

Wants:(preferably beat but smooth)
any BB’d Superstar
beat M1
interest me

pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29106343@N06/

any questions please send me a message

how much for the m1?


info changed.
also I don’t post here often, but I have good feedback in the other board.

how much for the gm

The Raw Barebones, is it dinged up?

i have a black m1 completely broken in and beat and i have extra one drop pads that ill throw in for you 888 and ill also throw in 20 dollars how bout it?