Looking for PURE, and other High end metals

I REALLY want a PURE…and other yoyos… :]
I would trade multiple for the PURE or money + yo.
Multiple yos for a single any really good yoyo. just make offers

First off I have this TFL I want to sell or trade. -Asking $55 obo

I’m selling a Flaw to Love Envy 64 -Asking $50 obo
This is my friend’s.

Now I have this Dif-E-Yo Barebones, in which I do not have pictures of yet. -Asking $40
It does have the weight rings, but no kk nor the tin
The condition is not bad. It has scratches usually seen on a raw yoyo, but no deep damages that cannot be satined out.

A very nice looking, and REALLY rare Stacked Transitional Freehand One -Asking a lot?
I want to see what I can get for this,I’ve heard that this is worth a lot.

This Very NICE playing Blue VK -Asking $75
Plays Smoothh like it should

Nice mint “Mint” from Doug -Asking $65?
Beadblasted, and a rare D sized bearing version too.
Smooth and nice

Luchador, I don’t know what run. -Asking $65?
Nice, slightly vibing yoyo. Some small dings
Plays super nice though. 2nd run.

shipping costs $5 within USA
I’m in SoCal, so if we meet up, no shipping required.

Here is my flickr with additional pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29106343@N06/

Here is a want list to narrow down what I’d like
Yoyos are preferably beat, but not necessary
Make offers anyways

Mini Dert
Special/Ano’d Difs (specifically xbonechip)
Bad Rep (Lite)
Any Ano’d Cut
New Breed
Good offers please

Thanks for reading through the thread. Have a nice day. O0

PM sent

$140 for the project when Onedrop sold it for $115…I would advise to lower the price even if there are 20 or 30 made.

They have their opinion and you have yours.
Calling them retards just makes you a “retard”
You should probably look at the forum rules before making any more posts.

it’s my call smart alack.

plus I did say I’m not completely in need of selling it.

pm’d about the GM 2.2

Both of those for anything?

If you go to redondo this satuday, I’ll think about the m1. (if i do go, most likely i will go)

thread changes. yay!