Looking for a few things: IronyJP, Pure, Quest, D-back, YYR

So I’m looking for a few things…I have a little bit of money in Paypal and have some trades. All the yoyos I’m looking for I don’t really care about condition and actually prefer yoyos with damage that are worth less because of it. I do prefer a smooth yoyo but a tiny vibe isn’t bad as well. B-grades are fine with me as well.

If you PM me with an offer please include any pictures, descriptions about its condition and if its smooth. Also if you offer me a yoyo and value it like its made of gold don’t even bother offering. I am a player and I 'intend on collecting but playing these yoyos. I’m not going to rip myself out on a deal because someone thinks they’re yoyos are worth more then they are. I’m a huge BSTer so i know the value of things.

Also if you offer it is preferred that you have multiple things on my list.

A link to my Flickr where I have some of my collection pictured…I have more not pictured that ill update soon.


Here’s the list of what I’m looking for: Trading and buying these (if the price is right)
IronyJP (prefer damage but want it smooth)
YYJ Theory
Beat YYR
Spyy Pure

YYJ Quest
YYJ Diamondback
Square Wheels Rex

bump found a pure and still looking for an IronyJP