Some yoyos. Want an Ipod Touch and/or Monehs!

I’ve decided to only keep yoyos that mean something to me for a reason other than play. So! For sale today, I have some YYJ Bi-Metals. I’m trying to cut down on my collection, so offer what cash you feel fair.

Black Original Dark Magic, satined. Pretty good condition. Quite smooth. Nice all around player. Has starbursts sanded off, so response can get a wee bit slippy sometimes. Interestingly enough, my spell check doesn’t recognize slippy as a word. How about that?

Hitman. Dual O-ring, has silicone installed. One of the best playing Hitmans (men?) I have ever played. Blue, has a couple of scuffs on the metal.

Revolution. Near mint. Missing one cap. May or may not come with both bearings, considering I seem to have lost a few of them. Anywho, really nice and smooth. A great YYJ all around. Maybe considered a Pre-Pro because it was purchased at MWR. But not really sure. Another fun fact, my spell check doesn’t recognize Anywho as well.

Also have a Dingo. Satined. Not really in good shape. No axle or bearing. So It’s two dinged up halves of a yoyo. I’d quote it at being worth around 30 bucks.

Glownasty. It glows in the dark. COOL. Anyway. Couple marks. Offer.

Buddha Kind 2 Lite. I have it lying around somewhere. Near mint. Good spin time. YEah.

[s]YYF Boss. Couple scratches. Plays like a boss. Hehe. Get it? Really smooth. My main throw after my BassBoost.

SPYY SpeedFreak. Couple pinpricks. Otherwise mint. Nice and smooth.[/s]

Don’t have a camera. PM with a cell phone number for pics. Otherwise, take a strange man’s word on it. Cool? Cool. Price you offer should not include shipping. SO if you offer 20, I’m expecting 25 for priority. If you don’t give me enough to ship, you go way down on my list of people to ship to. And to be a jerk, I’ll probably ship it piece by piece.
Would also like an Ipod touch. Offer

Again, offer anything.


Never tell yourself that you can’t unless you stop.

At the radio station. Buy my stuffs?

dark magic?

what are all the prices?

You offer what you feel is fair.
But please send me a PM.

ill give ya 20bux for the revolution and the speed freak lol

Maybe when you have the capability to spell out an actual currency.

20 US dollars…is that better my friend ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Upsy daisy


go where, u selling me your yos or what brahh

Send me a PM if you are serious about buying a yoyo or two, but otherwise get out of my thread.

are you saying you will give these three yoyo’s if someone gives you an ipod touch?


i have an ipod touch.