LF: YYJ PHENOM(izm), YYF PGM2, POPStar, ProtoStar, Northstar and more,

Just like the title says, I am looking for those yoyos and more. I can only buy and I don’t have any good-conditioned yoyos to conduct trades on. But then, I hope to get them at a very low price, but not too low that I seem like lowballing.
Any condition is fine - I would most prefer if it’s in very great condition, but don’t be afraid to tell me if the yoyo has a pinprick, a ding or two. Actually, I really don’t mind what the condition is. Just shoot up anything. :]

Looking for:

-PHENOM (blue or green would be nice) - would like to get this in less than $95
-PHENOMizm (same as above) - would like to get this around or less than $50-55

-Plastic Grind Machine 2 (blue and yellow would be amazing)
-POPStar (any color)
-ProtoStar (blue and green. As a whole or half-and-half, either one works)
-NorthStar (yellow)
-Loop 900 (red)
-anything else that YYF offers - just let me know if you wanna get rid of any :smiley:

And oh! If anyone is also selling a black Pelican 1120 case - with foam or without, let me know and we’ll talk about it.

Send me a PM if anything.

I know that I don’t have much posts, but please don’t judge me on that. I hope to do business with you all.


I have a blue Protostar :smiley: it’s got a few scratches though cause a bum kid stole it at school. :-\

I have all the yoyos you need. PM me for any yoyo you like cause i’m a yoyo collector :d