WTB beat up CLYW or OD

Hello all,

I’m looking to buy some cheaper OD or CLYW yoyos. I just bought a house, so I have a pretty limited budget, but will listen to any offer. I’m ok with the yoyos being beaten up, but I don’t want bad vibe.

I already have (and thus am not interested in):
Cafe Racer

PM me or email me with any offers!

--------My yoyos for trade----------

I’m getting back into yoyoing after a few years off, and am looking to unload some old throws. I don’t really know what most of these are worth, so the prices are negotiable, or you can just make an offer. Sorry for some the limited info on some, but I honestly can’t remember some of this stuff, that’s what happens after basically taking about 5 years off.

I have feedback on some other boards, PM me if you would like a link. Also, I’d like to sell or trade for something CLYW, OD or GenerlYo. I’ll look at any offer though, so pm me if yddddddddou’re interested. The worst I can do is say no. I also will combine several yoyos for one.

All prices include shipping.

Werrd Two Fat Ladies (thanks Nick!) - I think this is the first werrd released, but I can’t remember what it is called for the life of me. It was released beefcaked and plays very smoothly. In good condition, but desperately needs repolished. The finish shows some wear that would be quickly fixed by a polish job. Has one mark that can be felt (does not effect play) and two brown marks on it that cannot. $50 $35 obo

Alchemy CULater - Very smooth player. Kind of a poor mans E1ns. Has two marks that look almost like pencil marks on the finish (does not effect play). $45 $35 obo

X-Yo Xcalibur (thanks again Nick!) Plays very smooth with pad response. Has one ding that I couldn’t get pictured and can’t be felt. $28 $22 obo

Duel Silicone Black FH2 (done by Takeshi), also modded for FHZ caps. One of the caps has a circular crack around the center, I tried to get a picture of it. Ships with 2 thick spacers.

PM with offers. I’ll listen to anything.

Yoyos that are gone:

[s]Yoyofactory Grind Machine 2 - Plays very smooth. No dings, but has an anno flaw or two, but I couldn’t even get them pictured. One of the hubstacks is broken (no idea how, does not effect play) so that the rubber o-ring doesn’t fit on it. The bearing still stays on, but I’ve never tried to take it off. When I received it via trade the bearings had been cleaned, and I just left them that way. No idea the value, so make offer.


[s]Pending Anti-Yo Busine$$ - Modded to give it more of a highwall feel. Also modded for silicone response. Needs tuned. Ships with KK. Has three knicks that can be felt on the purple side, non on the other. Has a few dings here and there. Also, has one scratch on the gold side that appears like the tool being used to mod it slipped and scratched the side. None of the marks effect play. $40 $35 obo


[s]Pending Original Anti-yo Bapezilla - One ding that you can feel on the green side, several other dings though. Asking $120. $100 Like most OG Anti-yos it needs tuned. None of the dings/marks effect play.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/7963688@N02/9670047823/[/s] Gone

[s]Pending ILYY Red Candy Blasted Torino - I traded someone for this a while ago, it might be 1 of 1, but I could be wrong on that. Plays super smooth, like any ILYY. Flawless from what I can see. Includes ILYY button and bag. $90 obo

http://www.flickr.com/photos/7963688@N02/9670110033/[/s] Traded

[s]Modded Duncans. Best Offer:
Duel Silicone Viking FHZ (done by Takeshi) one scuff. Ships with 2 thick spacers.

Single Sticker Recessed Yodel FHZ. Flawless. Ships with 1 thick spacer and 1 thick spacer.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/7963688@N02/9670071323/[/s] Gone

Prices updated. ILYY is pending.

Still a few yoyos up for grabs. I’ve accepted most offers, so please hit me up if you think you have a fair deal. I’m mostly looking for trades at this point, though also am happy to do cash.