man, I really want one but I don’t have cash, I don’t have any yo-yo you would want.
hmm, I may need to find myself a job soon.

PM me your collection… I just want to see it.

would you trade for a pgm with upgrade bearing, and ooch yo (all metal similar to speeder?) Id probably throw in 20$. Also i really want to keep this but i have a superstar. But id need the G5 and a little cash for my superstar because it is like a dream to me

can i see some pics and ill offer a x convict the bearing is not on top shap just ply it of and change it if you want click links to see pics

BUMPand Changed Prices!

All my trades died… :-[

I would like to buy this yo yo. What is your bottom line i will buy it tonight if price is good


I want another yoyo, I am not looking for a straight sell, if you have a yoyo that you could trade that’d be best ;).

Pics of the dings and chips.

Kks, Pics coming today… I gonna steal my sisters camera :smiley: :smiley:

how about a mini motu work great!!!