FS: My entire collection. Offer.

Alright, so I’m trying to buy a car, I don’t have the money, so I’m selling my entire collection. If you see anything that might remotely interest you, PM me. I’ll ship to anywhere at your cost. All I want is a fair offer, around the prices I have would be amazing. So help me out.

Give me some offers. Really.

0/800 dollars earned.

First of is a VK. Doesn’t come with stacks. 80

JD Edition XconVict. Really nice. Has some plastic scuffs on the inside hun. 35

Also have a Rec Rev I with some small asthetic damage. Again, nothing affecting play. Great yoyo.

Dif-e-yo Juggernaught. near mint, some small white smudges. one half was dropped but there are no marks somehow lol. and the package is their, and its siliconed. 90

First run Double-Take Industries BassBoost. #2! It’s pretty beat. Well loved, I may end up not giving this away without a good offer. I love it, it is super fun to play. Comes wth paper work. Maybe a collectors item? No clue. Tagori can attest to how good my BassBoosts play, even with Vibe. 45

A YYF Genesis. Purple acid wash or somethoing. Few scrapes around the edges, you can hardly feel them. 80 dolla.

I have a Speeder that I’m playing responsive. Great for 4A. Couple dings here and there, but nothing bad. 30

A DieNasty that is blue and a bit beat.

Also have a Satined Spyy Spyder. Blue/red hubs. Number 478. Couple little dings. 75

A wedgie. The wedgie is semi beat up, it’s got a few dings here and there, but it plays absolutely amazing. Great pocket yoyo 50

Speed Beetles. Near Mint. 30

YYF Pocket change w/ Offstring rims and 1A rims. Near mint. 25

Also have a diabolo and sticks, really really nice. A few scuffs though. looking for around 50-ish.

I have a whole bunch of Beyblades and whatnot from gradeschool. I mean, like 15. I’d sell each one for fourbucks if you pay for the shipping.

I have a video camera, a DXG model that I’d sell (no memory cards) for 100 dollars.

Also have a Didtech RP 80 that could be yours. I’m upgraded to an actual pedalboard, so through out an offer on this to. looking for around 55

I have a 4G Ipod…Nano I think it is? Anyway, it has a broken screen. Fifteen dollar fix, I just don’t want to screw with it. again, 50ish? If you want Q to be happy, you’d offer more.

Pics upon request if you have a cell phone capable of receiving pictures. Sorry for my lack of a camera.

Give me a cash offer. ANY Good CASH OFFER and I will take it. I need to pay for a new car for myself, and this is the only way I know how (In addition to working, but who wants that? :P). Donations appreciated. :smiley:

Bring me up.

Id also like to try a dark magic 2

uh… a speeder for 4A. not the best idea

uh… y worry about it

It works.

Only do it over carpet, but common sense should give you that information, not me.

It was mine before… It has a flush sili Job and a lubed bearing and spins forever… awesome for 4a… trust me.

Guys, I’ll Trade the I for a DMII Clear with red rims edition.

You buy it and have it shipped to me, you get the I

Dude I love you band.




The stars that peirce the sky, we left those all behind.




Bringing it up again!

Bump. DTI added.

Help a sucka out guys?

Thanks for the shoutout!
the Bassboost is good, i always seem to come back to it.

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Come on. Q is a good guy, GET HIM A NEW CAR!

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