FS: One drop M1, green/purple

Selling my M1. It’s a great throw, some scratches and dents but not too many and nothing that affects the play. 
It plays just fine, I simply don’t use it often enough and don’t see myself using it more with another yoyo coming in the mail.

the biggest dent in it you can see here

there’s another fairly large scratch, but its just the finish chipped off

the green side is scratched up more than the purple, but the dent in the first pic is the  worst of it, nothing much aside from a few tiny nicks everywhere else.

I’m thinking $35 shipped, sorry no trades i really want so just money.

Im just wondering how could you make it dent so much
2. I might buy it but is it 35 shipped?
I dont really like the fact that its like dented so much

…maybe we have differing opinions on what a “bad dent” is but I’m incredibly picky about hurting my yoyos and I really dont think its that major of a dent…i dropped it maybe three ft from my waist to the concrete.
On YYN BST I started $40 shipped at my friend’s advice but yes. I’m just going straight to $35 shipped. so sorry I’m not lowering the price because of the dent.