One Drop M1 / YYJ Legacy (FOR SALE)

I have a YoyoJam Legacy & One Drop M1 for sale.

The Legacy was my first yoyo back when I really wanted a Crucial Milk so the caps are flipped and painted white. You can flip them back to the shiny mirror side if you like. They have Yellow graphics.

The M1 has a few scuffs but plays perfect. One side is light blue and the other is dark blue.
(sorry, pics taken with cell phone)

$15 Legacy
$45 OBO M1
Prices are shipped!

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for Looking!

60 for g5?

If you are willing to trade I have a Yuuksta with like only one small scuff that you cannot feel, but if you throw it hard, and it is lopsided, it snags. That only happens when you try to grind, but play is great.

Never mind

Still available.
Mainly looking for cash.
Feel free to make an offer!

Price dropped.
Still open to offers!


Open to all offers!

Weekend Sale!!
Thanks for looking!!