*Updated! One Drop Yoyo's! Limited Release!

I have 2 mint Limited Release P2’s and a Limited Release M1. The first P2 is the Jackie Moon and the Second one is Purple Marble. The M1 is clear annodized and soda blasted and now discontinued. They have been only thrown a couple of times no dings, no scratches, no nothing. They will come with extra bee string. The P2’s are $90 OBO and the M1 is $50 OBO, keep in mind i did not include shipping.Pictures will be up soon come and get them! PM me if you have any questions.

Im very interested in the M1

What do you mean when you say the M1 is clear annodized? ??? Is it see through?

It has the anno, But the yoyo looks raw.

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Yeah exactly what Matt said. Basically its like the original project. Heres the link if you want to know how it looks like. And anybody else who’s wondering what the yoyo’s look like.

Link: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?tag=p2

The pictures are from Yoyoskills.com

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Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Thanks guys! ;D

H/O for Limited Release M1 $60 by Lazyo

Would you maybe take a lego for one of the p2s?

Sorry im actually looking for cash right now or a really good yoyo to trade for.

How much is the M1 again?

The M1 is $60 because that’s the highest offer.

Want a P2 so badly.

I do have a question, is the P2 in the last two pictures the Jackie Moon Edition P2 or another one?

No, that’s actually a regular P2 i forgot to add the info at the top.

Sweet, I am totally interested in buying that one. I wont have money till February 13. If you wont sell it by that time I may buy it if my Dad lets me.

By the way I can’t PM people, Parents Rules.

it’s actually pending right now

Ok, thats fine. If you still have a project 2 in mid February then I’ll still be interested.

I have the money now if you wanna pm me to discuss payment options cause i can get that to you soon.

PM me pleast with details about the M1


I want the Purple/White P2 so bad.

Please check out my thread, Im willing to give you a -good- deal.