Yoyo MVP 2 black w/purple spash/Vulto Glitch both *MINT* $75


Both throws are mint the MVP has been thrown allot so it would be a good Idea to change the bearing or lube it because it might need some looking at. It breaks my heart to sell these two because I need money and I need to end my hobby for the moment to get it:(

Btw if your worried about the pictures its because my camera wont upload my **** atm but don’t worry there in perfect condition

Also I do have one more yoyo a Yyf DNA silver w/green splash its a very rare colorway and super hard to find you probably wont find it anywhere else it is near mint just the inside has a few scratches Its my baby ad I really don’t wanna sell it butt if you want it ill put it up on ebay for you for $110

bump price is now at $75