Mainly lookin for cash but

Auldey regal speed Has some scratches and a tiny tiny vibe but nuttin affect play also the bearing is tarnished not rusted wont affect play too at all Awesome 11$
it got a lil peakish shape to it I Think ;D


Second yoyo is Fire Diamond good(xoudas2 i think knock off) for both 1A and 4A some scratches and a slight vibe but nothin that affect play tarnished bearing too but AGAIN does no affect play(No friction stickers) will go for 11$


And the last one is the speedly eagle MIB comes with rubber spacers for unresponsive play and a cool tin can its for 100 turkish lira and if u dont believe price is on box which is 70 i swear but i will sell it for 35(negotiable)



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IM not here to say anything.
unfortunately That is sold in China for 40RMB RMB = 1 USA = 7 RMB.

They are sold for 10$ USA online but in China or Other Chinese Store Yoyo Places they sell for  cheaper.
Im not trying to say that its cheap or anything but if someone buys it for 35 and finds out its not worth that much its gonna be sad for them so…
im just telling you its not worth 35$.or Even 70 $…


You also don’t need to make a new post for each yoyo your selling. Just in one post would be great, thanks. (I’m not trying to be a mod BTW, just trying to help make the forums nice and organized).


dude i can get u the price tag that its written on the package 100 turkish lira so its = 70$ so i  am not a liar  :stuck_out_tongue:


i would not but its 4 pics per post that why i posted 1 post per yoyo