Guy got all the yoyos you love only money but if u can put up a good trade ya

k hear we go first if you can read i made a video lol on youtube
ya but got so new throw today
im kind of no shur but hear it is
two peaks both wolf lake addition
and one 28 stories addition
a katz meow
two new star dust
pink nanoblasted and blue
two m1 purple and orange
and rar 888
also another mvp cherry i have two mint all mint
in the video is the rrest of the throws if interestd pm me. later put prics up later

would you trade a MINT B.I.S.T. Centauro or an Hspin Pyro Light for that black/orange Punchline? the Pyro ahs a scuff and a ding the centuaro is mint , the centauro is also black

blue mvp for my sb bassalope?


Dude can you please talk to me so we can maybe work out a deal.

i just did anyway i have some bad news anyone who wanted my blue mvp can still have it but it desnt have a bearin it is still mint but the bearing just suddenlly got friend so i have the peicec everythinng except the bearin ill sell it for 25 or sumthing else

I’ll buy it and pgm white

$25 For a blue MVP mint bearing less? Dude thats a steal.

Then buy it xD its his choice.

ok i dont want anyone geting mixed up i its the two mint half of the mvp the axle and the fiction stickers are their just the bearing is gon only sellin the two halfs

I can’t understand ANYTHING you type. Cat got your tongue?

So its is everything in the yoyo except for a bearing? That is such a steal dude.

I’d like to buy that MVP. I PM’ed you. We can work out a deal

wow thanks you guys i kinda was the first one to offer on the mvp but w.e

b-grade 888 for the lunatic??? or a m1 for the lunatic???(the new one with splash)

He doesnt want 25 for the mvp. I pm’d him and he was like “25? hell no”

meatal man witch lunitic splash or all green

splash lunatic