all gone mods please archive

ive got a bead blasted wedgie proto for trade its got a few scuffs on the bead blasted area but theyre really small and hard to get a good pic of they dont affect play at all, also has some marks on the flat area next to the sili groove i did my best to polish them out but there are still a few marks. other than that its perfect. its got flowable sili in it.

Also have a mint blue black flow groove m1

I’m willing to trade the wedgie and flow m1 for most of the stuff on my want list

ive got a mint alex b peak i MAY trade, the only thing i would trade it for is a mint 2nd run 5 star pending gone

2nd run 5 Star (a or b grade)
bully (a or b grade)
bead blasted superstar
bead blasted skyline
bead blasted DNA
offer up anything the worst i can say is no

may take around 70 if no good trade offers come up (paypal only)

im thinking 45 or 50 for the flow m1 (paypal only)

pm me if interested

Why would you sell that?!? Rare yoyos will be worth a lot in the future…

Aww, I don’t have anything to trade. :frowning:

Best wishes to whoever gets this!

I could probably give you to of these (once they are ready)…

I only have the first run Bully… Both runs are exactly the same though…

i just like the colors of the 2nd run alot more







offer up people :wink:



What is bumping?!

Nobody is posting!

BUMP= Bring Up My Post

He’s doing it so that more people will see his post. This is very regular in BST threads. And this is a great offer, so it should be bumped. Actually, it should be traded.

im glad somebody thinks so ive gotten like 1 or 2 crappy offers so far :-\

No need to express it like that though.

sorry :wink: