888,superstar,gungfu,m1,hectic, everything 40$ or less sold

[s][s]I need some quick money so ill take whatever i can get. PRICED TO SELL

hectic with small bearing. plays great, small nick on rim and small ano blimish barely noticable 25$ shipped
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888 used a lot bead blasted finish ribbing off. still looks great and plays awesome 30$shipped
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m1 looks great plays awesome. some small nicks on rims 25$ shipped
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gung fu, this yoyo is i believe the 3rd run version that never got a full release. but, idk for sure since i got it off a bst. plays great though 25$ shipped
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superstar, looks great plays great red acid wash. almost mint condition 40$ shipped
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everything is in good condition with original packaging

bump ::slight_smile: i added prices

I think maybe the issue is that you don’t have any trades so far. Do you have feedback at all on “that other website”?

yes i do all positive :slight_smile:

I REALLY want the M1, but I’m kind of over committed atm already :confused:

bump, just let me know if you want to work something out

bump… seriously these prices are a steal…

i would love to have that 888 if you still got it

yes i still have it

bump superstar pending