Coolest thing happened today.

So i went to the local toy store at the mall today to buy a Yomega Raider because I’m getting into looping. So i went inside the store and i knew the guy because i taught him a couple of tricks before so we were just talking and when i bought the yoyo he gave me a discount and i was surprised he did that and on top of that he gave me a Yomega Fireball for free. Anything like this happen to anyone?

thats cool :smiley:
whats the name of the store? and where at?

i got a discount on a dv888 ( some people say this isnt a discount i think it is) he sold me a dv888 black with purple splash for 60$

Who? Ben? He sold me a SPEC for $1. Hes a super generous guy.

Yes, something like this has happened to me :slight_smile:

Ben sold me a Fast 201 for $10.

I guess I missed his generous moments.

The stores called Toy Castle its at the Oakridge Mall in San Jose,Ca. The Guy specifically deals with Yomega yoyos and nothing else. I think he was telling me that he was trying to get a hold of the YYF Special Edition Kentaro because he knows one of the top guys a YYN.

aww sweeeet

the toy store at my mall only has Duncan…
mostly FHs
and other loopers

Thats what they cost when they were at walmart. lol

yeah i bought the 888 from someone here at the forum and he gave me it for 90 bucks i say thats a discount

I went to the mall once with my little bro. And we went to the hobby store (weve been there before) and i guess they remembered me because i showed them my yoyo skills when i went there the last time. So any way my brother wanted a Tech Deck but we had already spent the majority of the money we had. The the guy heard he wanted one and gave each of us one for free.

That’s what I thought! ;D

Nice, was it brand new?

Hmmm…I performed Boing-E-Boing for about 7 seconds straight, it was amazing. I can’t do it now, and I’m trying to do it as we speak. It was flat out amazing.

Oh yeah


Ben is The Man

Nope, the most dedicated yoyo store in my area is the local Toys R Us. They only sell Freehands, Dragonflys and Mosquitos.


I got two fast 201’s from walmart for twenty-five cents for both of them.

This happened to me about 6 months ago, still can’t do boing-e-boing… ???