My great luck and great friend.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having wonderful days.

So as the name of the thread says, I have had some great luck today. I met up with a friend of mine after class today and he saw that I still use my yoyos. He told me that i could have his old ones if i was interested. So of course i took him up on that deal, asked him if he wanted any money and he told me they are just gathering dust. Long story short I just scored:

YYF 888- Orange w/ Aqua splash
2 YYF Loop 900s -Clear
YYJ X Con- Dark Blue
2 YYJ Sunset Trajectory- Blue
GeneralYo 5 star -Green
Hspin Cut - Silver

Best Early Christmas present ever. They are all a little dusty but none of them have any scratches or dents. Havent done the math on how much these all cost but I’m assuming over $300 from the metals alone and he didn’t charge me a darn thing. I’m going to need to spend some of my next pay check to hook him up with something nice.

Has anyone else had friends that hooked them up this good just because they quit yoyoing? I’m interested to hear your stories.

That’s a super cool story! Congrats!

I actually received a very large portion of my collection this way. A friend of mine who has been collecting yoyo’s since the 60’s wasn’t able to play anymore. We got talking about them and he said to stop by some time. When i got there he gave me 99% of his collection. He kept a Kuhn SB-2, a Turbo Bumble Bee, and a couple fixed axles. He told me “play with them, sell them, give them away…they’re just taking up space.”

I went through them and there were a number of No Jives, Sleep Machines, Roller Woody’s, several dozen Butterfly’s, Original 1950’s Duncan’s, tons of Playmaxx & ProYo’s still in the package. There was a ton of stuff. Not to mention probably 1000 Cotton Strings, cases, and other accessories.

I kept at least 1 of everything, and duplicates I traded or sold for some newer yoyo’s.

You got a five star!?!???! V1 or v2?

Green so version 2.

Wow cool thats really nice of him!
I dont actually have any yoyoing friends or people i know. xD

Been really busy so I havent been checking the thread :(. Yea its a V2 5star. The thing is amazing and apparently a really popular choice judging by all the PMs ive gotten asking if i would sell or trade. I really like everything about it.

I dream about things like free yo-yos! XD

Holy heck! I’d be treating that friend to a nice meal out or something as a thank you. He was sitting on a serious stash.

Yeah that 888. XD I’d buy that off you the MOMENT your tired of it. XD
Anyway, I’ve never had friends that gave me yoyos, but I’ve givin on of my friends a few things. Mostly just string, but I did score him a n9 floater, which he loves. XD