I've found my perfect yoyo!!

Well while i was looking at yoyoguy1994’s(Juans) 5 yay clip i was mesmerized and thought that i should become better at 5a so i looked for the perfect yoyo that would suit me for 5a and 1a and i made multiple threads and many of you answered , thank you to those who did but i was looking in all of the wrong places :stuck_out_tongue:

the clue that first led me to this conclusion was in a trade, i got a siliconed hitman WHich i love very very much(thank you connor =)) and i really thought that it would be my perfect yoyo but i soon found out that it was not meant to be because i soon remembered the lyn fury that i had sold to my friend. :o

i asked him if i could borrow it to play with it again because i thought i would buy a new one but much to my “shagrim” i couldnt get till the next day. i just got it about three hours ago and i must say that this is the perfect yoyo for me ;D

i think of it like this Lyn was that one girlfriend that you broke up with but could never stop thinking that you had that special spark with :-\

anyway i think taht it is kind of ironinc becasue i was looking for a full metal heavy yoyo that was angular and the Lyn is the complete opposite :smiley:

anyway andre you can eXpect me to order a new lyn along with a new die nasty from you this week ;D

when we order from this site are we ordering from andre???

Yup ;D
its kinda cool isnt it

Wonderful! I’m glad you found the yo-yo that suits you best. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Lyn’s kick butt!

Congratulations, I guess! :wink:

Cangratulations, I found my perfect yoyo a while back, the night after BLC.

The Cream worked amazing for me, glad to see more people finding they’re perfect yoyos.

well let me update they are my favorite for 5a i still have yet to find my fav for 1a :’(
although im covered in 4a (yay hayabusa ;D) i still have to find my fave 2a also >:(
thaks to you guys =)

When all else fails make your own favorite yoyo! lol Well its not that easy but I did.


so like, is it him on the phone or sum1 else?

prolly him or devon(wife)