The best thing happened to me today!

Whoever that individual was, he was very kind. One thing I love about the yoyo community is the kindness a lot of you bear.

Ichtus you are a great individual ever since I have been here I have respected you for your wisdom relating to this hobby and now your actions.

I was given a mint No Jive at one point. I will never stop thanking that individual. All of you must throw a No Jive at one point in your lives. I throw mine at least once or twice a day.

Please do not take the advice to paint your CU either. That would be a poor decision unless it is done by a reputable (or at least talented) airbrush artist.

That CU is worth far more than a Lyn ever will be.





Lol this thread is old, POSTPONIESB4ITGETSLOCKED


Ok, now this thread can be locked.

Once again, a thread gets necro’d, and once again, people still continue to talk to a person who hasn’t been on in half a year.

Maybe there should be a time limit before an admin can go ahead and lock a thread after so many days of being dead?

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