Awesome (yoyo) Day!

Today I met with modman10 and myself (his brother). I got to try a M10, yeah3, Entheos, Chief, Trap, and a whole lot of others. I traded 2 Classics, Cascade, and a Burnside for a Ministar, dm2, Trap, Protostar and a Big brother yoyo I don’t know of+10 homemade strings. I got to use some of his strings, and after playing them, they are some of my favorites!

After they left, another man walked by me and asked, “Are those trick yoyos?” I said yes and he kept talking. He said he his last name was Duncan (cool!) and he showed me his id. His name was Duncan. Continuing, he said that he has a collection of about 40 yoyos, all of them old classic yoyos, and that he had one that was worth $1500.

Then an old couple on road bikes came by. The lady said that she was a teacher before, and that they had a yoyo day when she was teaching, and that two people came in and demonstrated. I thought that was pretty cool. So that was my day so far. :slight_smile:

I’d be so happy is I ever get that kind of luck. Awesome! ;D