The most unique thing someone has ever said in response to your throwing.

“That was AWESOME. I’m gonna buying one!”
What about you?

“Daddy, if you buy me a $120 dollar yoyo like him, I can do all of those tricks!”

“You’re probably studying physics or something like that”

“If you were that good on your trumpet, you’d have a scholarship.”
“If you knew the physics of a yoyo you’d be so smart”
" Let me get my fedora"

“Your a pro” and…

Yeah, went to the Duncan tour with born2yoyo. Little kids loved us…

Good times, good times.


Actually, that was when I was curling in NY. THe little kids went out and bought like 7 FH2s, and he gave me a blue butterfly for some string.

But remember that little girl who was talking to us and trying to yoyo.

The duncan tour was awesome too though, they like seth and Nate more though haha

“Dang, you heeeela beast on that. Like seriuosly.”

“you’re like a spinning disk physics ninja!”

“Theres a motor somewhere in there right?”

i h8 the motor comment. it cuz then i have to say that it is a ball bearing and they say same thing, and i then have to explain that it isn’t and then they say that i get way to into it and i am doing it again aren’t i?

“ok now do White Buddha” only one person has ever known any trick past intermediate (save milking the cow and skin the gerbil) that i have ever talked to.

and the funniest one: “here, you are doing it wrong. first you need to get it in one fluent motion and then you can start to do the poping part.” i was yoyoing in oberlin ohio because my sister goes there and i was trying to do spirit bomb or something and failing when some guy comes and says that and then he does it perfectly. i have been looking for the guy ever since. maybe i should try yyn?

“You’re a sexy beast with that yoyo.”
Not kidding at all, i have been told that at least 20 times.

“Why isn’t the yoyo spinning?”

If you put that much effort in to school you would have better grades.
You should be on Tv.

It’s not even spinning… touch Oh Wait…

“What the crap, it comes off the string? That’s how they do it!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I must have done the worlds longets facepalm when he said this.


that has a motor!


why doesnt that get tangled???

I usually get one of two responses.

a) Is that some kind of special yoyo?

b) (Usually from the older generation)…(Usually while I’m doing some of my more technical tricks) Yeah, but can you do rock the baby/walk the dog?

‘‘you want a dollar?’’ i was yoyoing in the mall and this girl asked me if i wanted a dollar.


‘‘how much did that cost’’ it was my bully and i told him 100 dollars and then he went to his dad and asked for 100 dollars so i could sell it to him