Super G!

:-\ What is the total sleep time for the Super G yo-yo? Plz reply!


Iv got mine up to 15 minutes :smiley:


Even if it spinned for an hour, you’re still going to play it like you do on your yoyos now.

yeah but i can if im stuck on a trick i can can stop and think and it will still spin longer thatn other yoyos… Hopefully! IF I KNEW THE SPIN TIME!

Just about every yoyo on the market today spins longer than you need them to. If spin time is an issue, it is your technique.

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Well the most expensive yo-yo i have ever bought is only 25 dollars!

What yoyo is it? And to answer your original question the Super G (like most other yoyos) can spin anywhere from 2-10 minutes with a good bearing, and, once again, good technique.

you should buy a Hyper Infinity. Spin time is

What is the Hyper Infinity… And also whats the spin time?

my genesis spun longer than the super g

Jesus…stop hating on the poor dude

If you have a kk bearing, wide gaped yoyo, it’s more than enough for most tricks. Don’t worry about spin time so much as long you keep the string centered, any yoyo should go about 2-5 minutes at least with a good throw.

In case if you want a Super G, buy it. Forget the spin time. All metal yoyos above the 40$ price line spin really well. More than enough to take you through most tricks as long as the string is centered.

Spin time never matters, just focus on your tricks. You can get it to spin for a while, but then it will die out like any other normal yoyo.

i have seen that movie!!! it is from the sandlot!!!

so yeah with a good bearing it could sleep really long and with a good throw!

Sleep time does not matter, as all the tricks you are doing won’t hardly ever exceed 15 seconds or so.

When will this be realized?

that is a pony. and it is huge

How do you know that i make 30-40 second combos all the time I’m actually working on one right now that I don’t have a long enough spin time for.

if its a 30-40 second combo, the yoyo still won’t matter and the issue is your throw, I can honestly tell you this.

yeah exactly what they said as long as you need it to! my longest combo 38 seconds

It is battery powered so it never stops… Well until the battery dies which is in like 3 hours.