Crazy long spin time?

What YYF Yo-Yo has a super long spin time that won’t break my bank?

Just out of curiosity, what are you throwing now and what kind of spin times are you seeing?

I find the biggest thing I could do to improve my sleep/spin times was improving my throw. It’s more the throw than anyhting else. I mean, having a really great yoyo is good thing too, but you can get super long sleep times with a lot of yoyos by just improving your throw.

I’m throwing a PGM. It spins fairly long.

Budda King, its got the record for a 20+ min sleeper

I also have a PGM, and yes, it does spin a long time, but I prefer my Code 1, 54, DM2 and Speeder2 much better. PREFERENCES. I like my PGM though.

Aren’t the Buddha Kings kind of expensive? This might be on the “break the bank” area. But I don’t have one of those.

I get good spin times on my Whip and One, but I don’t think you’d want to go that route. My Protostar is decent on spin times but is a tad on the noisy side in my opinion, however that won’t stop me from throwing it. I’m shooting for a Northstar and a dv888, both of which I hear good things about.

The only other YYF I have is a Mighty Flea and I just can’t throw that one hard enough yet to get decent spin times out of it. I sure can’t wait until my skills improve so I can really get into that one.

YYF makes so many good models, chances are you’ll get a LOT of opinions from a lot of people.


I got my genesis with a center trac to spin for like 6 mins.

Pretty much any yoyorecreation but they will break two banks

The OP is restricting the models to YoYoFactory.

Chris is right, it’s all preference. By the end of this thread, every yoyo YYF makes will have been mentioned. With the possible exception of the Pocket Change…

I saw a vid where a guy made his pocket change sleep for >5 mins.