Which yoyos have you found to have the best spin times?

Not including the king budha

i thin it is the bearing but i tried it with all my yoyos with the same bearing and i got my crucial tres leche at 10min 45 sec


Superstar, G5, and Skyline. Anything basically with hubstacks.

The Dingo is said to be a spin machine.

I haven’t timed myself since like 2006 (Tank, 7 minutes and some change, before I learned the string twist method), except with a DJ I got a while ago (right around 2 minutes).

what they said

among all my collection, my genesis has the longest spin time.



The skywalker has a really good spin time.

I’ve had a FHZ with an 8 minute spin.
A MKII with a 7 minute spin and many others that were probably more than that. I will NEVER do it again though. I think it’s been a few years since I tried as well.

7 minute FHZ?
that almost the same sleep time i got with protostar, maybe my throw. but it’s a FHZ.
have you try sleeper contest icthus?

wow 7 minute fhz O_O
I got barely 2 minutes on my Hspin ICON
And that’s the longest I have now D:

Dif-e-Yo InTernal Turmoil Signature Edition.Spins like heaven

2 mins on an FHZ
5 mins on a protostar
7ish mins on a superspinfaktor HG

Alright, I tested my General-Yos spin times using different bearings. I don’t really usually test my spin times, but today I did for this thread. It was possibly the most boring and agonizing thing I have done in the past week. Here’s the spin times using average throws:


General-Yo Hatrick:
Dif-e-YO KonKave Bearing… 4.05.06
YYF Center Track Bearing…3.19.90
AIGR (stock on Hatrick) Bearing… 3.05.08
SPEC Bearing… 2.28.1

General-Yo MiniStar:
AIGR Bearing (stock on Ministar)… 3.57.7
Dif-e-yo KonKave Bearing… 3.47.5
I got Super bored and didn’t feel like testing the rest. lol

So yeah… enjoy I guess.

He said 8 minutes.

correction on the first post its a BuddhaKing not king buddha lol
and mines id say last time i timed my frantic which was a while ago is like 8mins-9mins i forgot.