yoyos with the longest spin times?

im just curious of what yoyos are out on the market today with the longest spin times? and ikn theres alot of variables such as the throw, bearings and such.

YYF BUDDHA KING!!! 16min. record for hubstack spin

I believe the yyj speeder held the longest spin record or still does and anyone feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.

um i have no idea if the speeder held the longest spin time but i own a speeder and comparing that with my 888. well my 888 spins alot longer.

probably just because of the bearing.

i do beleive rick wyatt has the longest sleeper with a Mega spinfactor (i think) 14 min (2003)
there is a video of a Yomega Fire ball breaking his record,

Timothy Redmond currently holds the longest sleeper record of 16 min 17.180 sec using a YoYoJam Mega SpinFaktor 2.2.