suitable yioyo for me

hey im thinking to buy a yoyo mainly metal but dont know which one is suitable for me…
so help me decide

  1. What size do you prefer? undersized or a size similiar to hitman
  2. What shape do you prefer? something like a xconvict or pgm or maybe h-shape i dont really like round shape whats a pointy shape,?
  3. What response do you prefer?silicone recess
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?mod
  5. Does color matter?not really
  6. How does your style relate to the yoyo? slack tricks and hopping
  7. What is your price range?nothing above $130
  8. What is your skill level?master


Maybe a metal grind machine is a good choice for you.

I am pretty sure they dont sell those anymore…why?!

1.Skyline - has a slight h-shape,undersized, may cost like $119 or up

2.Hectic (when it comes) - looks like it has a cool kind of h-shape, undersized, may cost like $65 - $75

3.Wooly marmot (when it comes) - not that much rounded, undersized, may cost like the other Clyw yoyos or more

4.Wedgie - cool shape, undersized? , might cost like the Bully?

those are some yoyos that might fit your preference

do you know which one is dead smooth…?

Well both the Hectic and the Skyline are made by YYF. Their metals are known to be dead smooth. I’m not so sure about that Marmot, but I think that the Wedgie will turn out to be quite smooth aswell.

Addment: The Hectic and Skyline seem to fit your shape preferences.

Maybe you would want an L3. Some people don’t like them because almost all yoyos from Auldey are bootlegged so they just don’t like the company, but I have one and it is dead smooth, with or without the stacks. Not sure if you would like it’s shape but I certainly do.

M1s are smooth, undersized, flat rims, lots of colors, and is only $60 so you could get that. Or you could wait for the Project 2.

Skylines are dead smooth,even with a bad throw they will balance themselves out!

They do sell them,just not unhubstacked,they have the new version of stacked ones for a cheaper price now,

i meant the grind machine 2. the metal one

I would say Skyline.

Happy Throwing! =]

what he said

yeah, if your limit is 130, I would wait for the project 2.

but whicj one fits my preference?so in general i want a shape like xvicxt but undersize da bit

The project 2 would be closer to the X-convict, it has flat rims but it’s slightly angled (not too much) and it’s 50mm so it’s 3.98 mm smaller in diameter. It also comes out in flow groove (possibly pads) that can accept silicone. I would guesstimate it would be around $85 and $110 for fade, Onedrop might have other tricks up their sleeve :wink:

From the pics I’ve seen, the Hectic has a shape familiar to an X-ConVict. It’s not the same though, but you can see some similarities.

I agree with Pheenix.

that is true. the hectic and xconvict do have similarities. btw, when does the hectic come out?


samad, is the hectic better than the dv888?