suitable yioyo for me

  1. He doesn’t have DV888
  2. He hasn’t even tried P2
  3. No one has gotten a Hectic yet.
  4. It is all opinion.

Yea, the P2 hasn’t even come out yet or else I would be all over it.

wow the shape looks freakin awesome…
do you know if they play as good as those $120 888,g5,skyline etc.???

The play should be the same. The hubstacks give the premiums a price hike.

guys i think im buyimg either the skyline or hectic or 888…thanks for the help!

do you guys think flowable silicone or k-pads is better for skyline or hectic or 888?

is the yyn stainless steal bearing dat good?

and o yea what 888 was the guy in the video in using how come the inside can spin?

With the response question,its all preference,what do you like better? I prefer k-pads,as they are much easier than silicone,and they are silicone,but sone people prefer flowable silicone.

If you are getting the stainless steel YYN bearing,I dont see much reason to,both of these will come stock with SPEC bearings,a great bearing IMO.

Oh,just one more thing,if you decide to buy the hectic,please do so on yoyoexpert,support the site!

of course i will buy from here!!!lol

and in your preference which of the above yoyos do you like??
and do you have any ideas what 888 was that guy using?

I think Vashek is using preproduction version of 888, but im tot sure.

I thought you werent going to buy from here because you said YYN bearing.

I don’t know what 888 it was,but probably 07 or pre-pro,since they came when the video was made,and it can’t really spin on the inside,if its the 5:00 in this video.

I think it has something to do with the finish on the yoyo.

It was the 07 888 :wink:

wow it looks so cool!!!i want one…
but too bad its not in production anymore and i still cant decide which yoyo!!!