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No, I generally don’t care to watch other people play games, just to watch them play the game. I’d rather do that myself. Like I said, I’ve watched some videos just to get a better sense of whether or not I want to drop cash on buying it, but that’s more like watching a review of something.

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Why don’t we discuss The Flintstones / The Jetsons? Which is better and does anyone know that several members of one of these families were in the Manson Family when they were just about chillin’?

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I’m sorry, but I don’t like him and I don’t like his videos. He is just trendy




Do you like Mr. Beast Mr. Beast loves Pewds (not in a gey way, not that there’s anything wrong with being gey)


Thats true #homeschool


Also he’s not a twitch streamer so what is that picture of him from?

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If you click the link you can read the Wikipedia article about him.


It’s almost 2019 and people still think PewDiePie is a racist anti-semite lmfaoooo.

Honestly, it’s starting to get annoying that people simply regurgitate whatever they read on


Kinda strange that this kinda stuff keeps coming up with him though, don’t you think? The number of times I have “accidentally” made explicitly racist statements “for the LULZ” is … zero.

You could make an argument that it is an indictment of larger toxic videogamer culture, though, if this stuff is endemic there.


It’s indicative of a villain-hungry media. Take the thing with E;R, for example. Pewds has made like 3 or 4 videos explaining himself on that. He liked an anime review he did…that’s it. That’s the only thing he mentioned about him. Pewds said, in retrospect, he should have vetted the channels he promoted a bit more, but he’s not about to go through 2 years of everyone’s videos to make sure there wasn’t an obscure references to Nazis.

He’s disavowed that kind of ideology many times.

Yeah he’s had a few slip of the tongues where he used some inappropriate language, but context is still important. Take the situation that cost him his Disney contract, he used a word as an expletive, not as a direct insult to the group of people to whom that slur ‘belongs’ to.

But he’s a bit more red-pilled than YouTube would like him to be so he gets dumped on constantly. Such is the current socio-political climate we live in.


Yeah, hopefully we can all forget this guy ever existed in a decade or so. Here’s hoping.


Sure doesn’t seem like it at this rate :slight_smile:


Check back here in 2028, if the world still exists by then.


Thats a jerk thing to say. He works hard and posts at least one video a day and I know of 79.5 mill people that also disagree with you. Again if you don’t like him that’s fine with me you have your own opinions and I respect that. Please respect mine.



This guy is not a good person.


Just because you made a couple of bad jokes doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.That pic is super old and he only made a few nazi jokes witch was very bad but nobody can say that they haven’t made some sort of racist or nazi joke altho they are bad. He also promised to stop with those kind of jokes because he realized how toxic they are for himself and his community.


A WaPo article that uses The Verge and a 16 year old as sources.

Bro are you serious?

Oh god that aLt-RiGhT nAzI JORDAN PETERSON subscribed to PewDiePie. CONFIRMED NAZI!!! What more proof do you need??

I’d wager that 98% of the people that criticize PewDiePie haven’t actually watched any of his content. They read some online article that someone with an axe to grind wrote and then treat that as carved-in-stone truth.



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