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({John15}) #2

Umm… wut?


This explains it:

Im not sure why keeping pewds in the top spot is important though. Im already a subscriber though so I cant do anything to help.




Pewdiepie gets a lot of hate but he’s still an independent content creator and having an individual at the top of youtube’s platform rather than a huge company like T-Series is pretty significant.

(Evan Landreneau) #6

Yeah, I have a Livestream on my YouTube channel about PewDiePie and T- Series.



(Mk1 Yoyos) #8

That’s because he’s published racist and anti-semitic jokes on his channel.


Don’t give this awful man any more attention or money.


You da man


Cool! What’s your channel and who do you want to win?


Yeah but everyone has made a bat joke in their life and btw that says 2014

(Mk1 Yoyos) #12

You’re really quick to forgive someone for making racist and antisemitic jokes! You must be a very forgiving person.


Taken very out of context. Dont believe the smear, he was actually making fun of Nazis with his skit, and is not as anti-semitic (aka not at all) as the liberal left wished he was. PDP gets hate because he is popular, and people have tried hard to bring him down. He’s a cool dude.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #14

He certainly claimed they were taken out of context, but you have to ask - if you don’t want to be known as the anti-semitic-jokes guy, maybe don’t make anti-semitic jokes?


Maybe if you have seen a couple of his videos you would know the type of person he was instead of reading a HuffPo headline. He never mocked Jews nor supported Hitler. Ive seen the vids in question and remember laughing about how badly he was misconstrued. Dont care if you believe or not.


Yeah but have you seen most peoples year from this year. I cant show my family some of the funny videos I see because they have something non decent in them( btw not talking about Pewds videos)





To add to that watch some of the new ones. Don’t judge him by some video he posted 4 years ago.


Judge him by the current day …

(Tyler) #20

Can honestly say I don’t care about Pewdiepie, and have never heard of T Series. I prefer to subscribe to channels that put out meaningful or engaging content. If I want to play video games, I’ll play them, not watch some dude play them. Lastly, I’m sure the dude has enough money, don’t really care if he’s not the top subscribed channel on YouTube.