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I play a decent amount of video games, but I have absolutely zero interest in watching someone else play them on youtube… I don’t get kids these days.


I get watching competetive games. There are some really deep competitive games out there that can be fun to watch in the same way you might watch athletics (just please stop calling them “e-sports”, come up with another name for electronic competition!) When you play that game yourself it can be fun to watch someone who’s a “pro” at it and awe at their skills. Like playing tennis as a hobby yourself and watching Wimbeldon to gape at the skills the pros have.

But the leagues of people out there that just watch otherpeople play non-competitive games are a bit unfamiliar to me.

I do admit I’ve watched a few “let’s play” videos for the purposes of refreshing my memory on a game’s storyline so that I can have it fresh in my head when a sequel comes out (Red Dead Redemption 2 just came out, so I watched a video that went over the story from the previous two games just to remind myself what the heck was going on). But these kinds of videos have to be short, under 5 minutes, and just hit the highlights, otherwise I’m moving along.

The whole “fan worshipping”, loyalty, “I-partly-define-myself-by-what-youtuber-I-associate-with” is a bit…concerning…to say the least. And the fact that he doesn’t really seem to pay attention to the effect he has on his followers (particularly becasue he’s got a lot of young followers). I feel the same way when a famous actor or musician uses their famousness to push/pull/sway their fans towards a political viewpoint or something similar.


He already made a response to that showing that he did not know that about the channel and if he did he would have not mentioned him in the video. Also, that is not one of his videos that is an article posted by a news outlet that doesn’t check there facts. All he said was “E.R. did a some anime reviews that I enjoyed.” not “Yes I like E.R.'s channel because he posts anti-semitic content.” He even edited his shoutout out of his video.

Here’s the video if you are interested in what he actually said:


Zero interest… brain manipulation and a waste of time and energy.

Looking for sheep…

‘A’ for effort

‘F’ for results


Also, his channel is very positive. People have said in the past that “If it weren’t for Pewds (Pewdiepie) I would have killed my self a long time ago.” so go on telling me how bad he is.


No “F” to pay respect. (Reply something if you get the reference)


Also the Verge is not a trustable news outlet.


I doubt any ‘trustable’ news outlet would ever be concerned with youtube politics. That aside - Why do you guys enjoy watching random people play video games online? Where’s the fun in that? This is what i’m missing entirely.


Yeah, we get the reference. Hur de hur hur…hilarious Call of Duty moment…got it…am I part of the “in” crowd now.

I’ve seen enough of Pewdiepie to know that he isn’t a particularly thoughtful person. His channel content is somewhat vacuous and he mostly gains followership through shock value. Perhaps there are some who have seen improvements in their lives through his work, but there are MUCH better, healthier ways to improve your mental health than by watching his channel.

There are WAY more intelligent and valuable resources to support on Youtube. I would much rather see something like “The Great War”, “World War 2”, “SmarterEveryDay” or “KnowingBetter” at the top of the youtube list than a guy who simply gains followers by being provocative. Hell even “Dudeperfect” is a more wholesome channel…subscribe to those guys…they know how to have fun.


I don’t worship him I just really enjoy his content. I found him because I was interested in learning and when I youtubeed some praises you should know hie channel popped up. Then like three months my parents got a divorce and his content really helped me through that tough time. I respect your opinion that you don’t like him, I didn’t open this discussion to get people to like him I just wanted to know how many yoyoers watches him. If you don’t like him thats fine, again I was just wondering who did.


Any time he makes fun of someone its either out of respect for that person because he’s just joking around or because they did something bad to deserve it.


Any way it doesn’t mater that much to me if you don’t like him, but now I’m curious about who you like to watch (if you watch youtube that is)


Dude, the title of your thread is literally “Subscribe to pewdiepie!” don’t say you weren’t trying to get people to like him.

And making fun of people isn’t friendly or respectful. And the second case, making fun of someone who did something “bad” is very judgmental behavior. This is what I mean. He gains followership by being provocative. It’s manipulative to his followers. Talk about lack of respect…


lol i just saw that you commented who you like already.

(Spinworthy Glen) #35

Something I find very concerning and sad is that when I ask children what they want to be when they grow up, many of them say a “YouTuber”.

Is this how high the bar is set? Children aspire to be people who play video games and gain followers for doing so.

The very same children I ask the question, ‘What things are you interested in?’ Can’t give me an answer…

This is a very poignant indicator on our Western values nowadays.

There is much to be said about the issue.


It’s the new “I want to be famous”. Justin Bieber got there from a humble Youtube beginning right? I can do it too.

I don’t mind the concept of becoming a Youtube personality. I just mind the spate of Youtube personalities that become notable for the same reasons that the Kardashians are notable…trainwrecks are fun to watch, but man do they do a lot of damage.


No, the title is an inside joke on his channel and was a sarcastic remark. Also, I knew you were going to say that.

(G2 Jake) #38

I don’t see anything wrong with it?

It’s like wanting to be an actor, director, producer, editor, and so many other jobs in one.

The ppl that “just play video games” aren’t really succeeding, unless you’re world class and a pro.

Bring an entertainer seems like a fine job to pursue imo.


Hey man, RESPECT! Your comment is the first in a while that I’ve goten that isn’t an argument about how you shouldn’t like Pewdiepie.


The funny thing is the more you argue with me the more comments are made and the higher on the popular scale it gets and the more people see it.